Dr. Ron Paul - Statesman, Pediatritian,
Air Force Physician, Congressman and Father
is a refreshing contrast to the deceptive
criminals who apply Dr. Adam Weishaupt's
principle; "Of all the means I know to lead
men, the most effective is concealed mystery."

Here are links revealing some of that mystery.

Wake Up n Think - Satirical Truths

Ray Stevens

Press One For English

Political Art

George Carlin - Choice

LINKS to Curiously Interesting News Sites:

Censored News

News With Views

Freedom In Our Time
To preserve your liberty, protect the liberty of others.

The Day the Dollar Died - - - - - - - - - - US Coin Values

Next Year?

TruNews Links - - - TruNews Interviews Daily

Radio Liberty - - Power Hour

Before It Is News - - - World Net Daily - - - The Examiner

Deanna Spingola

First Amendment Radio


How Votes Are Stolen

Rule Via Corporations - - - American Dream

From Freeman to Voluntary Slave - - - Benson On Taxes

Mind Control in 1974

Intentional Economic Collapse

The Federal Reserve Explained (vid)

Acknowledged Public Debt

How "the servants we hold in common"
try to rule us. (audio mp3)

Systems Analyst - - - Rutherford Institute

Is CIA Islam in US

Shadow Stats - - Paul Craig Roberts

Becraft Briefs - - Spoof Surveillance Cameras
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